Tarot Tuesday: “The Vision” from the Postcard from the Liminal Space oracle deck

Welcome, welcome! Today is the start of a new writing journey. My awesome writerly friend Shannon Ives and the twitter #QuerySquad and I have decided to try out a new prompt. Every Tuesday, Shannon or I will draw a tarot card and we’ll all write about it.

Today’s card comes from the beautifully stark Postcard from the Liminal Space oracle deck.

A Vision

The world scorpion is enjoying the early starlight.

He basks in the glow of it, his tail curling and uncurling, and with it the tides flow back and forth, and the winds shift their direction, and the sun and moon trade their thrones in the sky. His sting catches the light and glints like the tip of a knife forged from lightning. It is the sting that forged this world from darkness. The sting that skewered and leaked its venom into the empty dome of Nothing. The venom that poisoned the Nothing to convulsion. The Nothing seized, and spasmed, and split apart like a doe’s rotting flesh. And like maggots crawling from its body, crawled forth the stars, the suns, the rocks that would mutate into earths. Thick with venom, the stars burst forth into galaxies and the rocks spewed new creations, long-limbed maggots that could walk and talk and scrabble at the earth with their own hapless claws.

The scorpion concerns himself with none of it. He Exists. Some late day, he will sting again and birth another world, or perhaps claw through the world of Now and bring forth a true End.

Today, he enjoys the starlight. And waits.

— C.J. Listro / February 25, 2020

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