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Alice, Undone

Age Group: Young adult

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Portal Fantasy

For fans of: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney, The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, Splintered by A.G. Howard

When sixteen-year-old Alice Cross makes a wish never to disappoint anyone again and wakes up dead, she must complete a series of sacrifices to get her soul and life back. 

On the outside, Alice is the perfect daughter, but no one knows that she struggles with depression and self-harm—especially not her parents, who would never understand. When Alice is caught cutting at school and her parents discover her secret, distraught Alice flees home and runs into an otherworldly creature who grants her a wish—but not in the way she expects.  

Instead of making her perfect, the creature effectively kills Alice and sends her soul to the Underland, an ultra-dark Wonderland-esque Purgatory where wayward souls await an uncertain Afterlife. The only way out is to complete a series of six trials, each requiring a personal sacrifice.

Alice and three other teens, including the attractive and infuriating Zi, race to complete the trials. But time is running out, and the Underland is fraught with monsters, tricks, and two Queens who will stop at nothing to collect souls for their courts. If Alice can’t learn to trust herself and face her darkest demons, she’ll be trapped in death—forever.


Alice was disintegrating.

Little pieces of her were fraying off into the ether, she was sure. Soon, there would be nothing left.

“They said I’m dead.”

“Well, duh. We’re all dead here.”

If only they could see her now, treading the peeling linoleum of the afterlife dressed like she was going to a death metal show.

The Resurrection Sword

Age Group: Young adult

Genre: High Fantasy, Portal Fantasy

For fans of: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, The Magicians by Lev Grossman, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

First in the planned Dark Moon series, but with a plot that stands alone.

After becoming the star of a revenge video at school, sixteen-year-old Lena Angeles is so distraught that she runs away—to another world.

But Lena’s escape isn’t what she bargained for. Mystala is a world of childhood dreams but also profound nightmares. Along with talking horses, knights, and magic, there are murderous beasts, terrorist cults, horrific bloodshed, and secretive gods who blackmail her into becoming their soldier. Lena is desperate to escape her servitude and find her way home before she ends up dead. She gets her chance from an eccentric dead wizard, but with a catch: she must play his twisted game. Four pieces of a key. Four impossible tasks. One mysterious sword that can raise the dead and open doors to other worlds. And many powerful people who will kill to get their hands on it.

Lena will have to survive a deadly race across a perilous land, relying on her newfound magical talent, a group of exasperatingly gung-ho friends, and Darkmoon, a brilliant, embittered mage-Horse who hates humans and hides his own secrets. With her life and Mystala’s future in the balance, Lena must fight not to discover who she is, but who she wants to become. Because what she doesn’t know is that her quest is just one part of a cosmic war, and more than her own future is at stake.   


She couldn’t stop lying. The moment she did, reality would leak in and she would have to acknowledge the truth: she was trapped.

“How did you do that?”

“I asked the Shadows to move aside, just for tonight.”

The trees were too thick for the dying sun to do more than lattice the ground in fearsome shadows.

The Wandering Dolls

Age Group: Young adult

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

For fans of: Midsommar (movie), The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

When Jadzia is kidnapped by a dark, twisted carnival, her best friend and cousin must abandon their mutual hatred and team up to save her–before it’s too late.



In ten days, the world will end. This is what Daga’s mother had told her, as she had been told by her mother, as she had been told by her mother, and on and on for centuries.

Hubert Himbler was the crooked haunt of a sick child’s nightmares.

She heard the drip, drip, drip of her blood as it beaded off of the gravestone and dribbled into the dirt.


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Age Group: Young adult

Genre: Paranormal Romance

For fans of: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Riverdale (TV show), Supernatural (TV show)

Dating in high school isn’t usually deadly. Until the supernatural gets involved.

Chloe Parker is painfully ordinary. A normal family, a normal irritating younger brother, a normal job making smoothies at the local mall. So when Tyler, the metal-loving bad boy who works at the punk clothing store, takes an interest in her, she’s convinced he’s unhinged.

The truth is so much stranger. Tyler is a demon, escaped from Hell to enjoy himself as a teenager on Earth. And for some reason, he’s set his heart on Chloe.

No sooner has Chloe dipped her toe in the world of demons and angels than girls start showing up dead, murdered by other demons. Girls who look like her. Because Chloe isn’t as ordinary as she seems, and the truth of what she is might just get her killed. Unless they can find the killers first.


I was a statue made of mortification.

I looked anxiously into his eyes. This was it. He was going to kiss me.

Then we surged upward twenty feet.

He kissed the corner of my mouth and then pulled away, leaving me with just enough brainpower to keep myself from falling over. 

Godkillers (working title)

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Dark Fantasy

For fans of: City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty, Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan

A witch and a priest on opposite sides of a war must team up to slay the immortal gods who oppress their kingdom.



The moon glared down like an eye, all-seeing, all-knowing, upon the naked body of Adriana di Medanzo.

In the square, a hundred skeletons were bathed in sunlight. A hundred dead, and yet Dante couldn’t stop staring at the one red-soaked body below him.

Lightning leapt from her skin to his through her lips. He shook with paralytic electricity and then she pulled away, grinning at him.