Editing Services

Editing and critiques

I have a B.A. in English literature with a focus on creative writing and experience with editing/beta reading pitches, queries, and full manuscripts. I have beta read for both traditionally published and indie published authors.

My focus will be on the prose and structure of your pieces, unless you have other concerns you would like me to address.

I also do sensitivity reads for: therapy, depression, anxiety, bisexuality, demisexuality, trauma (prices negotiable)



Pitches for pitch contests or Query Manager forms

$2 for one, $5 for three


$25 per synopsis


$20 for a query letter


$35 for the first ten pages.

developmental edits

For longer works: $5 per 1000 words


Leta Patton

Represented by Kaitlyn Johnson

“CJ is a PHENOMENAL editor and critique partner. Phenomenal. I’ve lost count the amount of times CJ has helped me with my work. With pitches also! I’ve gotten agent likes on every pitch contest I’ve ever entered and it’s because CJ is so good at critiquing them. She’s the best”

Layla Hersch

Represented by Emily Forney

“OMG CJ IS SO SWEET!!!! Just had the most delightful positivity pass from her!!!!!!”

Hester Steel


“so so so helpful! Edits on my pitmad tweets helped me have an incredibly successful day pitching, and my hellish synopsis is now finally under one page, so… very very appreciated!”

Shannon Ives

Represented by John Baker

“CJ helped me with my pitches, my query, and beta read for me annnnnnd these prices are a steal. She helped tweak my PitMad pitch that landed me my agent. Her advice is invaluable.”

Nita Pan

Short story author

@sarcasmlemons is such a pleasure to work with and has been such a help with my short horror story WIP. 10/10 would recommend.”

Susan Dennard

Author of Truthwitch

I have beta read several books for Susan including Bloodwitch and Witchshadow and The Luminaries.

Evelyn Hail


CJ’s suggestions and remarks are incredibly insightful. If you need another pair of eyes to scan through your pitch, your query or your initial chapter, she is the right person to do it, without a doubt. Her invaluable eagle eye catches absolutely all the grammar mistakes and her mind is the cure for your wordiness and overwriting! Trust me, I am the one to know!

See-no-evil monkey

And have you seen those prices? It’s a bargain! 10/10 would recommend her as your editor of choice.

Get in touch through Twitter or cjlistro@gmail.com