All about C.J.’s current works in progress

The Resurrection Sword

[YA fantasy] A girl and talking Horse team up to find a magical sword before a group of terrorists can claim it for nefarious purposes.

Alice, Undone

[YA fantasy] A girl makes a wish to never disappoint anyone again and ends up in a Wonderland-esque Purgatory. She and three other teens will have to complete six sacrifices to bust out before their souls are gone.

The Wandering Dolls

[Adult fantasy] When Jadzia is kidnapped, her best friends think that a sinister carnival took her. They’ll have to get her back before she is murdered, but the secrets they uncover could destroy their entire town.

The Beautiful Enemy

[Adult fantasy] A witch and a priest team up to kill the three brutal gods that conquered their kingdom.

Such Fatal Visions

[YA fantasy] To escape her evil father, a girl with visions goes to save a prince from assassination, hoping for his protection.

Grave Sins

[Adult historical fantasy] A sin-eater and a grave robber team up to solve murders in 1868 Wales.